About Us

Our Mission

New Hope Baptist Church exists to glorify God!  By teaching His word in devotion and worship; By applying His word in fellowship and caring; By proclaiming His word in evangelism and mission.

Our Vision

It is the goal of New Hope Baptist Church to give God our B.E.S.T. by being the change, equipping the body, servicing the community, and teaching life changing principles.

Our History

In the year 1857, the New Hope Baptist Church set sail on the "ocean of life" with Jesus Christ as captain.  The record shows that this church was not always in its present location, but located about a half mile from its current location and was known as Bush Harbor. Rev. Blanding was the first Pastor.  There is no indication just how long the church stayed in its first location, but later the Pastor, officers, and congregation thought it was time to build a church. When the building was completed, the church moved to its present location with Rev. William Wallace as Pastor.  At this time Deacon R. B. Hall suggested the new edifice be called "New Hope Baptist Church" because everyone had high hopes for the future. On April 3, 1997 a ground breaking ceremony was held for our new sanctuary, and on May 3, 1998 a dedication service for our new edifice was held.

New Hope Baptist is currently under the leadership of Pastor Jameson K. McLaughlin.  We Have Only Positive Expectations (H.O.P.E.) for the future as we continue to serve God's way.

Pastors of New Hope

Reverend William Wallace
Reverend M. R. Newsome
Reverend J. L. Harris
Reverend T.L. Mason
Reverend M. C. Allen
Reverend R. B. Page
Reverend L. E. Kaiser
Reverend W. H. Winston
Reverend E. E. Hicks
Reverend Dr. Linwood A. James, Sr.
Reverend John A. Wynn
Reverend H. Patrick Cason

A History of Growth

  • Senior Choir Established  (Rev. M.C. Allen)  
  • Usher Board Established  (Rev. Page)
  • Church Renovations & "Busy Bee Circle" Organized  (Rev. Kaiser & Rev. Hicks)
  • Several Ministers Licensed & Ordained, L. A. James Inspirational Choir, Young Travelers, Sunbeams, Junior Usher Board, Soldiers for Christ Men's Chorus, Willing Workers, Pastor's Aid, Flower Club, Nurses Unit, & Bible Study Classes, Choirs, & Auxiliaries Added  (Rev. Dr. Linwood James)  
  • Intercessory Prayer, Ministerial Training Classes, Military Appreciation Day, Worship on Wednesday, Church Website, Prayer Line  (Rev. H. Patrick Cason)  
  • On August 5, 2012, New Hope was blessed to pay its mortgage.


God has been awesome to the New Hope Baptist Church family.  We thank God for our heritage and sustaining grace and mercy.  It is because of the grace of God that we have been able to sustain, grow, and worship in spirit and in truth for over 161 years.  We are living witnesses of God's promise.

We are New Hope Baptist Church. We believe that Jesus gives new hope and there's no hope like New Hope!